Client Situation Reviews

Our firm has developed a unique business meeting we call the Client Situation Review or CSR. In the course of three to four hours we will facilitate a meeting involving members of your team plus our team including a full complement of HR, strategy, and financial experts. The purpose of the meeting is to identify those issues that are most important to your company. You will receive a complete report from us, and learn what others within and outside your industry are doing.

Benefits of a Client Situation Review:

  • To provide an opportunity for the company to go off line and address important issues
  • To receive a viable work product with ideas and recommendations that will benefit the company
  • For the client to learn what’s been used by others in their industry, or best practices from other industries’ technology
  • In this exercise, you will have an opportunity to see how your business stacks up in comparison to other successful middle market companies
  • You will receive a detailed report summarizing all the issues, ideas and recommendations resulting from the meeting

Who participates?

It has been the Firm’s experience that a CSR is most effective when the client team is composed of knowledgeable participants representing the key disciplines of the client’s company. Ideally the following participants would attend:

  • Executive Management – Owner, General Manager, CEO and/or President, COO
  • Financial Management – VP Finance, CFO, or Controller
  • Production Management – COO, VP Production, General Manager, or Plant Manager
  • Information Technology – CIO, VP-MIS, MIS Manager
  • Marketing/Sales – VP Sales/Marketing, Sales Manager

For more information about Customer Advisory Boards, please email or call:

Michael A. Turturro, CPA, Managing Partner
845-567-9000 Ext. 236

Thomas D. Weddell, CPA, Director
845-567-9000 Ext. 242

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