Client Advisory Boards

A majority of businesses operate on the assumption that they know what is important to their clients or customers. In fascinating ways, our program uncovers the reality (which is often quite surprising) by working directly with your clients as if they were on the board of your company. Use this program to create new partnerships with your key customers and then build on their feedback to create a stronger, much more centered business that generates greater loyalty and, of course greater profitability.

A Client Advisory Board will help your business:

  • Become more customer focused;
  • Take the guess work out of determining your customer’s needs;
  • Identify problem areas and service opportunities;
  • Re-evaluate your customer service strategy;
  • Re-visit your company’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives;
  • Define future opportunities;
  • And much more

Client Advisory Boards are a great way to improve the way your business deals with its customers.

The purpose of a Client Advisory Board is to listen to your customers’ opinions. You want them to be as candid as possible. The only way you can make changes and improve is by hearing the good along with the bad.

The Client Advisory Board Session,

  • Reviewing the Past – “Prior to using this company, who did you do business with?” and, “Why did you leave that company?”
  • Services – “What image do you think we have?”
  • Competition – “What other ‘like’ businesses do you use?”
  • Customer Service – “How are we doing compared to other companies you do business with?”
  • Overall – “What do you like about us? Dislike?”

A Client Advisory Board, facilitated by the experienced members of our Special Projects Department, is a perfect way to get to the heart of what your customers think about your business and what they want from it.

In short, the benefits of having a Client Advisory Board are:

  • Adding value to your clients by listening and responding to their needs
  • Clients often cross sell each other on services
  • Gaining insights as to what motivated people to buy from you
  • Solidify client relationships

Our Special Projects Team will analyze the results of the session with you and also help you implement changes suggested by your board to ensure your company is meeting their needs and expectations.

For more information about Client Advisory Boards, please email or call:

Michael A. Turturro, CPA, Managing Partner
845-567-9000 Ext. 236

Thomas D. Weddell, CPA, Director
845-567-9000 Ext. 242

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