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Independent contractor or employee?

Independent contractor or employee?

“Why do I need to worry about proper classification?  It’s not my responsibility.  I am just a small business owner trying to grow my business……” Unfortunately, improperly classifying someone as an independent contractor when they are truly an employee can cause some major headaches! The idea that whether a worker
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Stock Market Analysis

Wash Sale Rule

It seems as though the stock market has been on a roller coaster ride for most of the year with all of its ups and downs.  Did you sell stock for a gain during the year and are now looking to offset some of those gains during the fourth quarter? 
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Gift Tax

Making a Charitable Donation? Maximize your gift—Limit your tax liability

Planning to make a contribution to your favorite charity or alma mater and want to maximize your charitable contribution…. Consider donating appreciated stock from your investment portfolio instead of cash. Tax benefits from the donation can be increased and the organization is just as happy to receive the stock. Where
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