It Pays to Hire Vets

As Veterans Day 2018 concludes, I am reminded that it has been fifteen long years since the US led coalition crossed over the Kuwaiti border, marched, rode and flew into Iraq to begin extended military operations in the Middle East. This campaign has produced nearly a generation of war-time Veterans, distinguished with their own distinct strengths and struggles, opportunities and obstacles.

Every year thousands of these brave men and women make the transition back to civilian life, in search of their earned share of The American Dream. The State and Federal governments recognize the need to help our Veterans find pathways to purposeful careers and have established lucrative tax credits for employers to train, hire and retain prior active duty servicemen and women.Continue reading

Mike Turturro: Don’t Kid Around about Kiddie Tax Changes

As a taxpayer, if you have a child or young adult living in your home for more than half a year who does not provide for more than half of their own support, does not file a tax return jointly, and one or both parents are alive, taxpayers are accustomed to having a child tax credit available.  However, it is important to be aware that as the same Kidde Tax rules apply as before, the Kiddie Tax rate structure has changed.  The new tax structure change can make a significant difference in the amount of tax that may be owed and one should prepare ahead to understand how to help reduce the Kiddie Tax impact.  It is no laughing matter as the new rates can be unfavorable, costing more.Continue reading