Government/ Not-For-Profit

Governmental entities face enormous challenges; from decreasing federal and state funding to already tight budgets; from regulatory compliance to the pressure of public scrutiny.

Our team is already experienced with those pressures. In addition to specialized consulting services, we perform financial and single audits, assist in securing GFOA certification, and add depth of knowledge and experience to our clients’ management teams. We have served numerous local and regional government clients, including:

  • Ambulance Corps
  • Fire Districts
  • Municipalities
  • Regional Libraries
  • School Districts
  • Water Districts

You can find added values in working with professionals who understand your governmental sector and the unique factors which impact your entity. Since 1969, our governmental clients have depended on RBT CPAs, LLP professionals for assistance with all types of financial issues.

Our specialized professional team is dedicated to understanding your industry’s technical needs as well as monitoring changes in the industry, federal and state government regulations and compliance issues, and all the accounting standards and reporting requirements that are distinctive to governmental entities.

RBT CPAs offer a full range of services for our governmental clients. We understand that you have unique operational, accounting, and regulatory compliance issues. Services we routinely provide are:

  • Financial audits including audits in compliance with GAO standards
  • Single audits (Circular A-133)
  • Performance audits
  • Accounting manuals
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and reporting assistance
  • Assistance in securing GFOA certifications
  • Arbitrate tax compliance reporting including computations
  • Internal audit development and evaluation
  • Agreed upon procedure engagements for specific departments or areas for internal control evaluation
  • Information systems analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Assistance with cash management, budget and financial management, and debt management
  • Assistance with financial reporting related to debt issuance
  • Procurement audits
  • Employee benefits compliance and administration
  • Human resource management
  • Indirect cost allocation plans

Working with our specialized governmental team who can relate to the unique problems of governmental entities and their relationships with similar entities and the private sector, our clients enjoy the benefits of a professional team who understands their business including the challenges governmental entities face.

RBT CPAs, LLP is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Governmental Audit Quality Center.


Not-for-profits are experiencing dramatic change as a result of economics, legislation and technology. Many face the demand for increased programs in a climate of reduced government funding, declining interest rates, and increased competition. Moreover, there are accelerating federal and state regulations, frequent tax law changes, additional reporting requirements, and escalating litigation. Regardless of the mission, the range of programs, the kind of services, or the size of the annual operating budget—without properly executed financial management and an experienced and responsive certified public accounting firm, a not-for-profit may do little more than survive—if they are lucky.

The Not-for-Profit Specialists at RBT CPAs are sensitive to the daily, year-round, and long-term issues you face. We have assembled a team of professionals experienced in the accounting, reporting, regulatory, operational, tax, and information management aspects specific to not-for-profits. Our interdisciplinary approach provides you with multiple and direct access to our capabilities. Some of the services we offer are:


  • General (GAAP)
  • Governmental (Yellow Book)
  • OMB Circular A-133


  • Annual Federal, State and County Reporting
  • State Registration


We offer the outside perspective and vision to help your organization achieve its goals. Technical qualifications are reinforced by our solid experience and long history of successfully serving as financial advisors and consultants to numerous agencies engaged in the full spectrum of services such as:

  • Voluntary Health and Welfare Organizations
  • Social and Country Clubs
  • Private and Community Foundations
  • HUD Projects and Programs
  • Health Care Providers
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Art Councils


The information system specialists at RBT CPAs can assist your organization with planning for, and making the transition into, automation and the information age. The information age is not just a term that applies to high-tech companies in the for-profit sector. Any organization that has the need to be competitive has the need to embrace the information era. The need to be competitive also applies to the not-for-profit sector, particularly in these uncertain times.

An automated system can provide your organization with meaningful information. Information can help management control costs, maximize revenues and, most importantly, monitor the success of current services and help plan for new and enhanced services.


Like any enterprise, not-for-profit agencies encounter management and fiscal challenges. We expect to work shoulder to shoulder with you. By promoting innovative and practical solutions, we can guide you through the maze of regulatory curves and help you anticipate and manage change. Consulting services are doubly valuable because they address both your immediate concerns and your long-range goals. The following list is just a sample of the consulting services we offer:

  • Communication and consultation with the Board of Directors
  • Long range planning and budgeting
  • Internal control review
  • Assistance with personnel management and manuals
  • Revenue maximization studies
  • Cost management studies
  • Human resource assistance
  • Operations review
  • Accounts receivable review

We also provide accounting services to a diverse client base in the following industries:

For further information on our construction niche services please contact:

Jennifer R. George, CPA, MAC, Partner
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Thomas D. Weddell, CPA, Director
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