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Consulting and Special Project Services

Client Advisory Boards & Services

A majority of businesses operate on the assumption that they know what is important to their clients or customers. In fascinating ways, our program uncovers the reality (which is often quite surprising) by working directly with your clients as if they were on the board of your company. Use this program to create new partnerships with your key customers and then build on their feedback to create a stronger, much more centered business that generates greater loyalty and, of course greater profitability.

A Client Advisory Board will help your business:

  • Become more customer focused
  • Take the guess work out of determining your customer’s needs
  • Identify problem areas and service opportunities
  • Re-evaluate your customer service strategy
  • Re-visit your company’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives
  • Define future opportunities
  • And much more

Client Advisory Boards are a great way to improve the way your business deals with its customers.

The purpose of a Client Advisory Board is to listen to your customers’ opinions. You want them to be as candid as possible. The only way you can make changes and improve is by hearing the good along with the bad.

The Client Advisory Board Session:

  • Reviewing the Past – “Prior to using this company, who did you do business with?” and, “Why did you leave that company?”
  • Services – “What image do you think we have?”
  • Competition – “What other ‘like’ businesses do you use?”
  • Customer Service – “How are we doing compared to other companies you do business with?”
  • Overall – “What do you like about us? Dislike?”

A Client Advisory Board, facilitated by the experienced members of our Special Projects Department, is a perfect way to get to the heart of what your customers think about your business and what they want from it.

In short, the benefits of having a Client Advisory Board are:

  • Adding value to your clients by listening and responding to their needs
  • Clients often cross sell each other on services
  • Gaining insights as to what motivates people to buy from you
  • Solidify client relationships

Our Special Projects Team will analyze the results of the session with you and also help you implement changes suggested by your board to ensure your company is meeting their needs and expectations.

Take your company to the next level with professional accounting and a strategic plan from RBT CPAs, LLP. As your business advisors in Mid Hudson Valley, NY, we offer a range of essential services to help your business thrive. Contact our office for more information on the services available, including:

  • Audit Protection
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Review
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Planning

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Running a business is a challenge, especially in the 21st century. With so many different regulations to follow and documents to file, it is hard for many business owners to get out of their office and out onto the work floor doing what they love. You went into business because you were passionate about your industry, not because you wanted to sit behind a desk. Make us your business advisors so you can spend more time on what matters most to you.

From balancing your books to preparing your tax documents, we handle numerous crucial but often tedious financial tasks to help your business stay healthy. When you need professional insight on your plans for your business’s future, we work alongside you to help your company reach its next step successfully. Give us a call to discuss your goals for your company.

Client Situation Reviews

Our firm has developed a unique business meeting we call the Client Situation Review or CSR. In the course of three to four hours we will facilitate a meeting involving members of your team plus our team including a full complement of HR, strategy, and financial experts. The purpose of the meeting is to identify those issues that are most important to your company. You will receive a complete report from us, and learn what others within and outside your industry are doing.

Benefits of a Client Situation Review:

  • To provide an opportunity for the company to go off line and address important issues
  • To receive a viable work product with ideas and recommendations that will benefit the company
  • For the client to learn what’s been used by others in their industry, or best practices from other industries’ technology
  • In this exercise, you will have an opportunity to see how your business stacks up in comparison to other successful middle market companies
  • You will receive a detailed report summarizing all the issues, ideas and recommendations resulting from the meeting

Who participates?

It has been the Firm’s experience that a CSR is most effective when the client team is composed of knowledgeable participants representing the key disciplines of the client’s company. Ideally the following participants would attend:

  • Executive Management – Owner, General Manager, CEO and/or President, COO
  • Financial Management – VP Finance, CFO, or Controller
  • Production Management – COO, VP Production, General Manager, or Plant Manager
  • Information Technology – CIO, VP-MIS, MIS Manager
  • Marketing/Sales – VP Sales/Marketing, Sales Manager

Contact us for more information about Client Advisory Boards and Client Situation Reviews throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY area.

Human Resources

RBT CPAs, LLP, recognizes that businesses need comprehensive programs and procedures to meet their human resource demands. In response to this need, we offer comprehensive and flexible human resource solutions, making it easier for you to increase efficiency and focus your attention on the more strategic aspects of your job.

Employee Handbooks

It is important for a company to clearly define its personnel policies. A comprehensive employee handbook is an effective tool to communicate with employees. It also serves as a resource for management to assure fair and equal treatment of all employees. Our Human Resources specialist will work with you to review an existing handbook or design a new handbook that meets the specific needs of your business. Policies will be reviewed to ensure that they comply with existing federal and state employment laws and provide general guidance concerning work-related behavior.

Job Descriptions

Detailed job descriptions provide employees with a clear picture of what their job functions are and how they are directly linked to the total success of the company. They provide management with a valuable resource to measure an employee’s performance. They also serve as an important tool for companies to lower the risks involved in hiring, promoting, and other human resource functions. By evaluating the various positions in your business, RBT CPAs, LLP will develop comprehensive job descriptions that identify both essential and non-essential job functions as well as other features, such as skill levels and working conditions.

Recruitment Services

We recognize that your time is valuable. Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring can be extremely time consuming. Our Human Resources Specialist will perform all traditional functions for your company, including: candidate sourcing, screening and assessing, scheduling, testing, etc. We take on the administrative duties so that you can focus your resources on your business.

Employee Orientation

A formal orientation program maintains a business image as a well-organized place to work. It also assures new employees that they are welcome additions to your organization, and assists in your retention efforts. We can add the perspective you need to effectively welcome your new employees and ensure that you comply with required regulations.

Performance Appraisal Systems

When correctly utilized by management, a performance appraisal system is one of the most valuable resources in any business. To be successful in their position and profitable for the company, employees need to know how they are doing and where they stand. An effective appraisal system stimulates an employee’s growth and development while also allowing opportunities for improvement. RBT CPAs is positioned to support your company in the design and development of such a system.

Technical Assistance

We offer non-legal, technical assistance to support companies in making informed decisions that avoid risk and minimize impact on the employee workforce regarding day-to-day human resource issues.

Contact me for more information about our Human Resource Solutions throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY area.

Janet Giannetta, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Chief Human Resources Officer