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Trust, Estate & Gift Practice

Trust, Estate & Gift Practice: Finishing What We Start

We attribute RBT CPAs’ success to two main factors:

We deliver top-notch accounting, tax, audit, and business consulting services and we create an unmatched client experience that leaves no doubt how much we sincerely value and care about our clients and how hard we’ll work to help them reach their goals at every stage of life.

With very few exceptions, once someone becomes a client, he/she stays a client. We are flattered and humbled; still, we believe there’s more we can do…

Beginning in 2023, we are formalizing and introducing our Trust, Estate & Gift Practice.

While we’ve been offering trust, estate, and gift planning and compliance as part of our Tax Practice for years, by creating a separate function with a dedicated team and knowledgeable resources, we can more effectively support the growing number of clients looking to establish a formal plan for continuing their legacy while preserving and protecting their assets for the long-term.

Deciding what to do with your assets and wealth is too personal and important to gloss over – it warrants and demands additional, customized attention in the form of Trust, Estate & Gift Planning.

After spending a lifetime accumulating wealth, our clients deserve to have their wishes and goals respected so their legacies endure.

Our approach is simple. We recognize every person is different. We meet with you to understand your personal values, what assets you have, and your goals for those assets.

We identify and talk through different options and opportunities. Then, we develop a preliminary plan. We invest the time to ensure you completely understand what the preliminary plan entails and how it will work. Then, we meet with you and your other advisors to ensure the plan is comprehensive and addresses all aspects of your goals. Your peace of mind is of utmost importance.

Once final, an attorney (either your own or one we help you engage) drafts documents and prepares required legal paperwork – which we’ll review to ensure it makes sense from financial and tax perspectives and accurately reflects your wishes.

We’ll meet with you as frequently as you like to confirm your goals, review your plan, and make sure everything is on track to ensure your legacy aligns with your intentions. All along the way, we help you navigate complex Federal and state tax nuances to maximize wealth preservation while minimizing tax obligations.

We also provide related tax compliance services including Federal and state income tax returns, fiduciary returns for estate and trusts, charitable trust returns, gift tax returns, and if needed formal court accountings, as well as informal accountings. While we primarily focus on U.S. assets, we do have experience working with our RSM network to plan for international assets as well.

If you are looking for a partner that can offer you peace of mind that the people and organizations you care about will be cared for and that your personal and charitable goals for the wealth you’ve accumulated will be honored, give RBT CPAs’ Trust, Estate and Gift Practice professionals a call. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

We also provide accounting services to a diverse client base in the following industries:

For further information on our trust, estate & gift practice services please contact:

Ita M. Rahilly

Tax Partner

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