Rental Property

Tax Breaks for Becoming a Landlord

Have you always wanted to buy rental property and become a landlord? As you can imagine, putting up with some tenants can be a pain in the neck. But the discomfort can be eased by the valuable tax breaks available to rental property owners. In fact, favorable tax laws are
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Birthday Cake

Age Has its Privileges … and Penalties

In an era filled with uncertainty, you can count on one thing: time marches on. Here are some important age-related financial and tax milestones to keep in mind for you and your loved ones: Age 0 to 23 Under the Kiddie Tax rules, part of young person’s investment income can
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Hands Holding Key

Why Business Owners Don’t Plan for Succession … and Why it’s Critical

Many business owners procrastinate putting a well-conceived succession plan in place. The reasons are understandable. It can be difficult to plan for your replacement and deal with your mortality. Here are five of the top reasons why business owners don’t have an exit strategy, along with the reasons why it’s
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Tax Planning for Investments Gets More Complicated

For investors, fall is a good time to review year-to-date gains and losses. Not only can it help you assess your financial health, but it also can help you determine whether to buy or sell investments before year end to save taxes. This year, you also need to keep in
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