Is Your Vet Practice Under the Weather? Maybe the Cloud Can Help

Is Your Vet Practice Under the Weather? Maybe the Cloud Can Help

Last updated on May 22nd, 2023

As an owner and/or manager of a veterinary practice(s), the last thing you need is to add a growing list of IT responsibilities to an already full workload balancing the talent shortage, ever-changing customer demands, and a wonky financial environment – not to mention taking care of animals, their caretakers, and your business. While changing your IT environment may be the last thing on your mind, perhaps you should consider making it the first, as cloud computing solutions help manage and/or address many of the challenges facing veterinary practices today.

Say goodbye to IT responsibilities.

When you move to a cloud (a.k.a. Internet) solution, your web-based solution provider takes on responsibility for keeping the system updated, working at its peak, and secure. You’ll no longer be required to buy, install, and monitor equipment like a server or manually install patches (or pay someone to do it). You won’t have to worry about backing up data, a system going down, or protecting data – that’s all on your provider, too. Rather than keeping an IT person on call, most cloud-based service providers include customer service and IT assistance as part of their fees.

Increase productivity and decrease stress.

Help yourself (and your team, if applicable) cut down on administrative work so you’re free to focus on what you do best – whether that’s boarding animals, providing same day care, and/or running a pet hospital for longer-term needs. Cloud-based software can help you communicate with animal owners; send reminders about visits, care, or prescriptions; bill for services (or follow up on bills); and more. Self-scheduling tools save time for both you and your customers. You can even operate more efficiently by accessing and updating health records and treatment plans within seconds from any examination room with just a few keystrokes.

Better manage finances, inventory, and staff.

Cloud-based services are usually by subscription, so you know how much it costs each month and can budget accordingly. Some solutions include tools that will allow you to perform back-office responsibilities (like billing, payment processing, and collections) while gathering data that can help you analyze different aspects of business (i.e., inventory). What’s more, you don’t have to be tethered to a desk, as cloud-based solutions can be accessed from anywhere there’s an Internet connection and from any Internet-enabled device (i.e., phone, tablet, or laptop).

Prepare to grow.

Cloud-based solutions are oftentimes scalable, so you can add to them, add users, or make changes as your business needs change. Plus, even if you have multiple locations now or add locations in the future, data stored in the cloud can be viewed and updated in real-time from any location.

Making the transition to a cloud-based solution may mean some short-term issues you may want to be prepared for, just in case.

  1. Shop around. There are a wide variety of vet-focused cloud-based solutions available. Consider exploring several options so you can understand the full breadth of opportunities available, evaluate pricing and contracts, and make the best choice for your business.
  2. With the implementation of new software comes new training needs. Support your staff leading up to and through the transition by hosting training to promote their comfort with new software. Also, make sure you have a point of contact at the software provider’s who can be available to answer technical questions, especially during the transition.
  3. Check data for accuracy. Upon transitioning to a cloud-based software, make sure client information and other data transferred correctly (i.e., Did your clients’ open accounts receivable balances transfer correctly?). Data accuracy will be vital to making the most of financial reporting tools. It’s easiest to identify and fix any issues identified early.

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